2018 Sessions

Ryan Patterson

Capturing the International Experience

Have you ever wondered how to meaningfully capture and tell the stories of students who are making a difference abroad?...


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Julia Beltrano, Jo Jennings

Your Poster is Ugly: Tales from a Multi-Year Digital Recruitment Campaign

Your boss magically grants your wishes and announces that they’re giving you multi-year, digital-specific recruitment budget - you should be thrilled, right!? But where do you even begin when you’re piloting a new initiat...


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2015 Sessions

Eileen Watson

How To Utilize Social Media for an Institutional Giving Day

From December 2-4, the University of Guelph held 'The U of G 50 Challenge', where the goal was to raise $50, 000 in 50 hours, from 1964 donors. Our community came together to raise over $197,000 in 50 hours!...

Alumni, Campaign, Engagement, Facebook, Fundraising, Social Media, Strategy, Twitter, User-Generated Content

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Bailey Parnell

#RoadToRyerson: How to Run a Kick-Ass, Yet Meaningful, Campaign

Social Media is but a communication tool we use to do what we've been doing for centuries: tell stories. And who tells student stories better than students themselves?...

Campaign, Social Media, Student Affairs, User-Generated Content

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Adrian Liem

UBC.ca – A Shift in Paradigm

In 2014, the University of British Columbia released a new version of its top-level website, UBC.ca. The change marked the beginning of a fundamental shift in paradigm in how UBC approaches its main web channel, moving from a...

Brand Identity, Campaign, CMS, Collaboration, Content, Design, Process, Redesign, Stories, Testing, Tools, User-Generated Content, UX, Web, WordPress

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2014 Sessions

Angi Roberts

Successful Social Media Marketing: 2,300 Likes in < 12 hours: How we overcame The We Don’t Do Stupid Generation

In September 2013, we knew we could no longer just exist on social media so we started to do something about it....

Analytics, Campaign, Social Media, Strategy

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