Since its inception, #PSEWEB has been a continually growing conference because of our incredibly strong, talented community. In order to maintain our forward momentum, we need to become even better; to provide more content, unique experiences, and generally keep the conference’s great vibes going year-round.

This means we need some help. Having recently reworked our staff structure to create positions that allow for manageable volunteer contributions, we’re now looking to tap into your enthusiasm and knowledge to help us accomplish our goal: to grow our #PSEWEB community.

Quite frankly – we need you!

We are looking for marketing + web + social + content professionals in the higher ed community to join our team. Members of the 2021 planning team would complete the work in-kind in return for:

  • Conference registration fee waived;
  • 3 nights accommodation at the conference hotel (conditional on ticket sales reaching minimum capacity)
  • Up to 10 “Friends of #PSEWEB” $50 registration discounts (shareable to colleagues at your institution); and
  • If you do the work on institutional time, your school recognized as a #PSEWEB in-kind partner.
  • Please check any that apply.
  • How can we help you? What gets you excited to fly your #PSEWEB flag with pride?