See you on the island ⛰️ July 12 -13, 2023

Your friendly, knowledgeable crew of higher ed communicators is getting ready for another year of sharing insight, inspiration and networking.

We’ll be meeting up on Vancouver Island, at the University of Victoria, in beautiful British Columbia. The air will be fresh, the ocean will be rolling, and we can assure you – it will be a year like no other.

Can’t make it to BC? Luckily #PSEWeb 2023 is a hybrid conference, so you can join us from wherever you’ll be.

This year, we’re thinking about building bridges.

We were so happy to see how speakers were inspired by the ‘Great Reunion’, our theme for the 2022 conference held in Montreal. #PSEWeb 2023 – Building Bridges – is your invitation to think about how we connect with purpose and build community every day.

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