#PSEWeb registration grants aim to address financial obstacles that make conference attendance challenging or impossible for some, by providing a 100% discount on the registration cost.

We especially encourage the following groups to apply:

  • New professionals
  • New grads
  • Underrepresented communities (BIPOC, LGBTQ, Indigenous communities and other underrepresented voices)
  • Members from remote or small institutions that have not accessed conferences
  • Students considering a career in higher ed digital comms

If you work for an institution that can fund your attendance, we ask that you not apply to save funds for those without access to similar resources.

Higher Education Professionals

Eligibility: Apply for this scholarship if you are a current higher education professional who is:

  • experiencing financial hardship due to layoff or job loss;
  • are from a small or remote institution that does not send staff to conferences or access PD;
  • are new to the industry and don’t have PD funds available yet; or
  • planning to pay for your conference ticket out of pocket.

Students and New Grads

Eligibility: You can apply for this scholarship if you are:

  • currently employed in a related work/study role (i.e. marketing, communications, web development); or
  • will/have graduated between June 2023 and July 2024 and are interested in a digital marketing career in higher education.

How to apply

Applications now open

Deadline: June  21, 2024

Selection criteria: We will award scholarships based on need, impact, and available funds.

Questions? Contact scholarships@pseweb.ca

2024 Grant Application Form

Application form for #PSEWeb registration scholarships and grants.

  • Percentage or dollar amount
  • Maximum 1500 characters
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