Melissa Cheater, Founder/Owner

Melissa Cheater is the Digital Content Manager for Western University, who founded #PSEWEB to give Canada’s post-secondary education digital designers, developers and strategists a place to step past their day to day work and isolation & come together as a national community of specialized professionals.

Jared Lenover, Executive Director

Jared Lenover is the Digital Marketing Officer for the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University, and a social media instructor at McMaster’s Centre for Continuing Education. He’s a hybrid coder / writer who also likes movies and his dog Murph.

Operations and Logistics

Jessie Johnston, Director of Operations

Jessie Johnston is a former higher ed programmer & project coordinator who now manages web programs & strategy for a national educational non-profit organization. She keeps her head still in the higher ed game through teaching at Continuing Studies @ Western University & keeping #PSEWEB flowing.

Aurelie Barbe, Logistics Co-Coordinator

Aurélie is the Marketing and Communications Officer for the Faculty of Education of the University of Ottawa. She is also a mom of two boys, and an avid reader, quilter, knitter, and Netflix addict.

Vicky Arnold, Logistics Coordinator

Vicky Arnold is the Communications Coordinator for the Queen’s University Faculty of Education. She spent a decade working in Europe before returning to Canada a few years ago and is still passionate about the internationalization of education. Vicky devotes her free time to travel, paddling, fine dining and lifelong learning.

Program, Speakers and Sessions

Angi Roberts, Program Director

Angi Roberts is Information Services Manager at the University of Guelph, responsible for all print and digital communication and marketing for admission and student recruitment.  When she’s not teaching young adults how to behave online she will paint, write or make a pie. She sleeps with her phone.

Lindsey Fair, Programming Coordinator

A seasoned (not old) marketeer, Lindsey started her career fresh out of college by putting her resume on the side of a coffee mu. Lindsey is a marketing and communications director at Queen’s University, a professor at St. Lawrence College, an author, an artist, a radio host (well… 1 time), a sailor, a beverage lover (hard to choose between coffee and wine), and a momma.

Marketing, Communication and Awesomeness

Alison Adair, Marketing Director

Alison Adair is an enthusiastic traveller and foodie with a passion for photography, learning and Netflix marathons.  Ali is based in London, Ontario.  She is the Communications Manager for the Continuing Studies department at Western University.

Tom Cochrane, Awesome Coordinator

Tom Cochrane is a photographer, cinematographer, and digital storyteller based in Corner Brook, NL. He currently works with the Recruitment and Marketing and Communications teams at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University.

Communications Team

Nahren Shamoka, Twitter and Web

Nahren Shamoka is the communications assistant and webmaster for the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University based in Hamilton, ON.  Nahren comes from an I.T. background and is merging into the field of communications.  Some of her passions include the culinary arts, food photography, singing and life long learning.  Fun Fact: She is also a part-time undergraduate student enrolled in the Communication Studies program at McMaster University.

Courtney Raybould, Graphic Design

A Toronto-based digital geek, artist, and content strategist, Courtney geeks out over wonderful content + beautiful design in higher ed and beyond. She’s the print and digital strategist at York University’s Glendon Campus with passions split between working with students, solid UX, and discovering really (really) great southern BBQ.