Digital Marketing Assistant

Ryerson University

Bailey Parnell is currently a digital marketing professional with a passion for the grind, a slight obsession with learning and a love of quality Television.

She currently works as a Digital Marketing Assistant on the Student Affairs Creative Unit at Ryerson University, Canada’s leader in innovative, career-focused education as well as hold the position of Engagement Specialist at Splash Effect, a Toronto based digital marketing agency with a niche in higher ed.

Bailey co-founded the Gen Y Perspective, an international multimedia brand that aims to discuss, analyze and break the negative stereotypes surrounding Generation Y; writes for the publication Year One; and enjoys public speaking on such topics as social media, leadership and storytelling.

She very recently graduated as an honours student in the RTA School of Media’s Media Production program, with minors in News Studies and English.

Bailey has previously worked as a Social Media Marketer at Bell Media, a TA in Seneca College’s Social Media: Graduate Certificate Program, a Local News Reporter on Rogers TV’s Access Peel and as a writer for Canadian news and living magazine, CanCulture.

Photo of Bailey Parnell


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