Information Services Manager, Admissions Services

University of Guelph

Angi Roberts is Information Services Manager at the University of Guelph, responsible for all print and digital communication and marketing for admission and student recruitment.  When she’s not teaching young adults how to behave online, she will paint, write, or make a pie. She sleeps with her phone.

Photo of Angi Roberts


From Crotch Shot Revenge to Suspension - or worse, Criminal Charges: teaching your students to be in control of their digital identity

Your students represent your brand, they wear your school's swag and they identify themselves as students of your school. They are your ambassadors whether you want them to be or not; what they do and say and how they behave online is very much out of your control....

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Launch Your Own Social Media Ambassadors Program

Seven students for seven days. That’s the basis of our 100% volunteer based Social Media Ambassadors program at the University of Guelph....

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Successful Social Media Marketing: 2,300 Likes in < 12 hours: How we overcame The We Don’t Do Stupid Generation

In September 2013, we knew we could no longer just exist on social media so we started to do something about it....

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