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What does it look like to be truly curious about your audience?

When it comes to gathering the kind of audience insights that actually make a difference to our content strategy and planning, you have to be nosey! I…

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How to get the most of online conferences

Here are seven tips to get the most out of #PSEWEB and other online conferences you have in your calendar this summer! …

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5 resources to level up your digital marketing skills

Whether you’re looking to build skills for a new position or refresh knowledge for your current role – this list will help you get started….

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Building a better search experience

Interested in learning more about university search improvements. Check out this article that originally appeared on McGill University's web services …

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The Power Of Your Personal Brand

Personal brand marketing is meant to create awareness, build trust, create reputation, raise perception, and make a first impression before in-person …

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How to Roll Out a Bold Design in a Legacy Environment in 3 Months

Brand guidelines, legacy designs and a slow-moving bureaucracy can stifle marketing innovation in higher ed institutions. Yet your audiences and evolv…

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CMS – If you build it, they will come

Have you considered building your own content management system? Read on to discover why an open-source option wasn’t for the College of the North A…

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5 Keys to Success for Using Drupal in Higher Ed

Across all the universities and colleges Drupal Practice Lead Suzanne Dergacheva has worked with, she's seen a few trends in successful implementation…

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Higher standards: 9 simple standards for building successful websites in higher ed

At McGill University, 1700 staff manage 900 sites that generate 10 million page views per month. McGill’s new digital standards define our crite…

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