2021 Sessions

2018 Sessions

Emily Lowther

UX for Higher-Ed: Web Renewal with a User-Focused Approach

Laurier has leveraged a user-focused approach in its ongoing web renewal project. In this presentation, we will walk through our research strategy and methods, showcase some of our findings, and discuss how we translated this...

Accessibility, UX

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Melissa Cheater

Dynamic Duos: Win both the Mobile Web and Social Media with Accessibility and Standards

Google, Facebook and Apple have all launched accelerated, mobile-friendly formats to improve performance - because as a whole, the web wasn't cutting it. We were slow, bloated, bogged down in pixels and scripts....


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2015 Sessions

Denis Boudreau

Inclusive UX: We are all disabled, or soon might be.

By design, the Web was meant as a universal platform where everyone could easily access information. But ask anyone who has a disability impacting how they use computers and you will soon discover that for many, navigating th...

Accessibility, Design, Redesign, Technology, Usability, UX

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Philippe Taza

Student Recruitment for the Mobile Generation

Your school’s prospective students live in a mobile connected world. They’re using mobile to research schools, connect to admissions staff and in a growing number of cases, apply to your institution....

Accessibility, Admissions, Analytics, Content, Design, Mobile, SEO, Social Media, Technology, Trends, Usability, UX, Web

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2014 Sessions

Keith Bundy, Kevin Rydberg

Before and After: An Assistive Technology Demonstration

This presentation will benefit anyone who is involved in creating web content, or has a stake in an organization's website....

Accessibility, Content, Usability, Web

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Kevin Rydberg

Start Making Your Website Accessible Today

Does your website meet web accessibility standards? Do you know the steps to take to start making your website compliant today? Do you know about Canada’s web accessibility standards?...

Accessibility, Code, Web

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Teodora Dotzeva

When design and functionality are not enough

The success of a web transformation project is dependent on more than just design and functionality. That's too limiting. It must be seen in the context of a comprehensive and inclusive marketing plan....

Accessibility, Process, Redesign, Web

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