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Amy Grace is a content strategy and user experience consultant. Most recently, she was the content strategist at University of South Carolina. She holds a Master’s in higher education and is pursuing a Master’s in User Experience Design.

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Using Diary Studies to Track Long-term Usability Results

Diary studies are the unsexy user research method but a perfect match for university campuses and websites. The nature of this user research method provides not only immediate feedback but a longitudinal view of user behavior....

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Tragedy, Pitchforks and Twitter: Managing Campus Crises on Social Media

2015 was a tough year for social media at University of South Carolina. With a campus shooting, a student incident that went viral, a literal natural disaster, and this little thing called the Confederate flag, the social team was busy...

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A no zombie zone: managing people in content strategy

Content strategy causes feelings. For us these feelings are wrapped in a nerdy glow, but for our coworkers these feelings may hinder your implementation. Fears, agendas, prejudices, past experiences and more lurk within communication teams. How do you get past this and win at con...

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