Coordinator, Student Affairs Creative

Ryerson University

Hamza Khan is an award-winning digital strategist and entrepreneur. His proven record of success blends experiences from his work in the post-secondary education and technology startup sectors. In under two years, Hamza has helped establish Ryerson University – Canada’s leader in innovative, career-focused education – as a national leader in online student engagement. Hamza is the co-founder of Splash Effect, a Toronto-based marketing agency at the intersection of higher education and digital technology. He is also the editor of Year One, an online publication aimed at motivating people through periods of personal and professional transition. In his spare time, he writes about productivity and peak performance at 99u and Medium. Hamza teaches social media marketing at Seneca College and regularly speaks on the subjects of social media, digital marketing, professional development, and more. Hamza holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto and has previously served as a social media advisor to both the Endeavor Volunteer Consulting Network as well as the Small Business Program at the Rotman School of Management.

Hamza regularly speaks about marketing, leadership, productivity and peak performance. Hamza’s insights have been featured by The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, University Affairs, Academica and the Educational Advisory Board. He has been interviewed by CBC News The National, CBC Radio Canada and CTV News. A speaker and facilitator, Hamza has presented at numerous conferences and events including Social Media Week, Ryerson Marketing Conference, White Ribbon Conference, Seneca Leadership Institute, CACEE National Conference, UofT Leadership Conference, Pathways to Education, InboundCon, and more.

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