Your students represent your brand, they wear your school’s swag and they identify themselves as students of your school. They are your ambassadors whether you want them to be or not; what they do and say and how they behave online is very much out of your control.

Social platforms: it’s where they hang out, where they socialize, where they share their victories and defeats, where they celebrate year-end. It’s where they pose with their squad, show off their school swag, and their love for the team.

And then there are those that show a lot more: nude photos, sexually inappropriate content, racial slurs, misogynist messages, and overall inappropriate behaviour – some of it illegal.

In this session you’ll learn how to teach your students about how to be in control of their digital identity – we’ll draw on real life examples and learn how to leave your students feeling savvier and empowered, and laughing at themselves.