Published on May 20, 2023

If you visit the Tourism Victoria website you’ll find there’s an overwhelmingly vast number of things to do in and around town. What else would you expect in an area that’s one of Canada’s top tourist destinations?

To help cut through the clutter of breathtakingly wonderful experiences, here’s a list of suggested sites to take in while you’re in town.

5 amazing places to visit

  1. Strolling the Inner Harbour
    There’s tons to see and do around Victoria’s Inner harbour. Enjoy the views along the harbour trail and consider stopping at one of the many attractions along the way. A few options to consider include:

  2. Fisherman’s Wharf
    Spend an hour or so exploring the docks at Fisherman’s Wharf. Check out the houseboats, grab someĀ  tasty fish and chips then polish off your meal with a soft serve ice cream cone. When you’re ready to head out, grab a harbour ferry boat to another stop along the water.
  3. Dallas Road and Ogden Point
    Possibly the best spot in the city to catch views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic Mountains.
  4. Tea at the Empress
    A classic must-do tourist experience. As mentioned on the website, “Hot and steamy since 1908”. YUM!
  5. Butchart Gardens
    Located a 30-minute drive from downtown Victoria in Brentwood Bay, Butchart Gardens is an amazing 55-acre display garden and a designated National Historic Site of Canada.

Honourable mentions

Can’t get enough of Victoria? Here are a few more sites to add to your to-do list.

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