Digital Community Facilitator

Ryerson University

Tesni is a writer whose personal and professional pursuits centre around storytelling with a purpose. Her belief is that when creativity, art, and expression combine with research, meaning is made.

Tesni studied Communication Studies at Carleton University before moving to Toronto to pursue a Master of Arts in Communication and Culture. Her participatory research project “Media Making at Youville Centre” strengthened her facilitation and communication skills while also further instilling in her the value of working with and learning from peoples and communities.

Tesni is currently Ryerson University Student Life’s Digital Community Facilitator, a role that reaches across the Ryerson community to create and maintain meaningful student engagement and interaction.

Photo of Tesni Ellis


Teamwork = Dream Work: Creating + Managing In-House Marketing Agencies

Facebook's recently absorbed the award-winning agency, Teehan+Lax, in a move that mirrors other major power plays; Shopify acquired Jet Cooper; Accenture acquired Fjord; Adobe acquired Behance; Square acquired 80/20....

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