Director of Marketing and Communications

Université de Saint-Boniface

Mrs. Nathalie Roche has held the position of Director of Communications at Université de Saint-Boniface since June 2022.

Born and raised in France, Mrs. Roche holds a Master’s degree of Science in Management with a specialization in Marketing Strategy from Neoma Business School (Reims, France). Always attracted to languages and inclined to push the boundaries of her comfort zone, she moved to Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada) on her own, shortly after she graduated in 2006.

In Winnipeg, she discovered a vibrant francophone community into which she was quickly adopted as a fervent promoter. Over the last 18 years, she honed her strategic management and leadership skills, as well as brand positioning expertise, within various roles in the non-profit sector pertaining to economic development, international affairs and higher education. Over the last five years she was at the helm of students’ recruitment at Université de Saint-Boniface, attracting candidates on the local, national and international level to study in Manitoba. Most recently she stepped into her current role overseeing all brand, marketing and external relations matters for the institution as Director of Communications.

Constantly inspired by Winnipeg’s quality of life and its French-language asset, Nathalie Roche is proud to contribute to Université de Saint-Boniface’s outreach both locally and across the world.

Photo of Nathalie Roche

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