Digital Strategist

York University

Mark Farmer is a digital communications professional with 15 years of experience in the field, working for nonprofits and commercial enterprises, one-man shops and large multinational corporations in Canada and abroad.

Mark started in web design and development in the late ‘90s, and founded his own shop, webness, in 2001. He spent five years as webmaster and then creative director for Earth Day Canada, before shifting to digital communications for organizations such as the Royal Ontario Museum, Intuit’s Global Business Division and York University, where he works as the digital strategist.


When It Hits the Fan: Social Media Crisis Comms

Crises are now real-time public phenomena. Institutions that can't plan in advance & respond quickly pay the price. So what do you do first? What do you listen for? How do you know when to respond and what to respond to?...

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Social media monitoring & measurement for marketing intelligence

Are you actively listening to your audience? How are you measuring your marketing impact on them? Have you got your crisis tripwires set up? What about your reports to management?...

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