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Ken Steele is Canada’s leading higher education monitor and futurist, trusted by more than 25,000 daily subscribers and bringing his comprehensive perspective to a broad range of audiences hundreds of times a year – from faculty and instructors, boards and senior administration, to information technology staff, concerned parents, and Canada’s most powerful corporate CEOs. He has consulted with hundreds of colleges and universities, helping them interpret market research, understand their competitive context, and develop distinctive institutional strategies and brand positions using his proprietary Brand Chemistry™ model.

Ken has become Canada’s most sought-after campus presenter because he continually synthesizes breaking news, research, data and trends, and delivers ever-changing, fast-paced, dynamic presentations incorporating rich media, great humour, and insights specific to the audience and institution. Ken’s unique perspective comes as a former academic, entrepreneur, co-founder of Academica Group, editor of Canada’s leading PSE news daily for almost a decade, and consultant to a hundred institutions across the country.

Since 2012, Ken has developed his presentation and facilitation work through a dedicated company, Eduvation Inc, and he produces an “almost-weekly” video webcast called Ten with Ken that you can catch on YouTube, iTunes, or a dozen online channels.

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Ken Steele Keynote - Automating Educating: Tech Trends and the Future of PSE

Increasingly sophisticated digital technologies have already transformed campus libraries and classrooms, textbooks and administrative functions, and soon, emerging AR and VR will revolutionize student labs and experiential learning, if not campus life as a whole....

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KEYNOTE - Prepare to Enter the Matrix: The Online Future for Higher Education

Higher education already facilitates greater volume and intensity of online stakeholder interactions than virtually any other sector, but the next two decades will bring exponential demands and ever-accelerating change....

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LUNCH & KEYNOTE: #PSEWEB Winners and Sinners

Over lunch, Ken Steele will provide an entertaining and somewhat cynical multimedia review of recent higher ed highs and lows in social media. The past year saw plenty of social media gaffes and controversies, petitions and protests, complaints and expulsions on Canadian campuses...

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KEYNOTE: Weavers Unwoven - The Past Year in #PSEWEB and a Glimpse of the Future

Canada’s leading higher ed monitor and futurist, Ken Steele, will open the conference with a fast-paced, dynamic overview of digital media trends and developments over the past year. Plenty of institutions have launched social media campaigns featuring students, researchers or ...

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