Increasingly sophisticated digital technologies have already transformed campus libraries and classrooms, textbooks and administrative functions, and soon, emerging AR and VR will revolutionize student labs and experiential learning, if not campus life as a whole. Big data and predictive analytics are already starting to enhance the personalization of learning and testing, and the delivery of student support services. Over the next decade, automation and AI will evolve exponentially to augment the work of instructors, tutors, advisors and graders – not to mention janitors, security and yes, communicators. In the longer term, this fourth industrial revolution will disrupt the labour market and radically challenge the purpose of education itself. In this fast-paced interactive keynote, higher ed futurist Ken Steele returns to PSEWEB to open our eyes and blow our minds with a forecast for the next few decades of increasing personalization – and DE-personalization – at our colleges and universities.