Professor of Marketing

Lawrence Kinlin School of Business, Fanshawe College

Dr. Jeffrey Preston is a professor of Marketing at the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business, where he teaches classes on digital marketing, market research and nonprofit marketing.

Photo of Dr. Jeffrey Preston


Trigger Fingers < Twitter Fingers: Crisis Social Media Lessons by Aubrey 'Drake' Graham

In the summer of 2014, rapper Meek Mill levelled the serious allegation of ghost writing at international hip hop sensation and light-box dancing enthusiast Aubrey 'Drake' Graham. What followed was a series of social media touch points, music uploads (coinciding with the launch o...

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Cool Story, Bro – Memes as Social Marketing Strategy

Whether using biblical quotes or placing black and white text over an image of a cat, Western society has long used “memes” as cultural shorthand; a means of expressing complex emotions and wit in as few words or images as possible....

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