University Partnership Manager – North America


Hector Amaya is passionately committed to fostering strong connections between Pantheon and the education community throughout North America. With a deep understanding of the unique needs of higher education institutions, Hector ensures the seamless performance of their mission-critical and public-facing websites. Having accumulated valuable experience at respected educational organizations like Pearson Education, Cayuse, and Times Higher Education, Hector brings a wealth of knowledge to his role. His extensive background in the education sector equips him with insights into the challenges and requirements of educational institutions. Notably, Hector Amaya has been instrumental in facilitating partnerships between Pantheon and renowned universities and colleges. His expertise has contributed to the successful working relationships between Pantheon and esteemed institutions, including the Justice Institute of British Columbia, Arizona State University, School District 8-BC, and Université de Saint-Boniface.

Photo of Hector Amaya

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