Web teams within schools tend to start small with a handful of developers building mostly bespoke websites. As they gain success and attention, demand can begin to outpace capacity. Teams often reach a point where their bespoke site and feature approach becomes overwhelming. Developers and Marketers start to feel underwater, code and content maintenance become unmanageable and customers get frustrated by timelines and cost to add features. Artisanal handcrafted sites can no longer be sustained at this scale.

Establishing WebOps practices can allow your team to manage requests and digital portfolios more efficiently. By organizing your processes and the technology needed to support them, teams can regain focus on core initiatives despite escalating demands.

This will be part session and part support group and will help attendees with the following:

  • Defining WebOps frameworks and their usefulness
  • Developing a WebOps model for their organization
  • Discussing how they might maintain site portfolio with less effort