Senior Advisor Equity and Anti-Racism

McGill University, Teaching and Learning


I have over 15 years experience working in higher education. I research, facilitate and organize around issues of justice and equity within higher education and work environments. My areas of focus are anti racism, equity, gender justice, as well as socially just research and assessment. At McGill I am a Senior Advisor on Equity and Anti-Racism in Teaching and Learning, where I work to make classroom spaces more equitable and navigable for underrepresented communities.

Photo of Charlene Lewis-Sutherland

2022 Session

Hybrid Workshop: How we show up - Building a community of practice for accessibility, diversity and inclusion

We all have a role to play in creating accessible, diverse, and inclusive environments at the universities and colleges where we work. But what does this mean for us as communicators and marketers? How does this apply to our work practices in both digital and in-person environmen...

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