We all have a role to play in creating accessible, diverse, and inclusive environments at the universities and colleges where we work. But what does this mean for us as communicators and marketers? How does this apply to our work practices in both digital and in-person environments?

This interactive session focuses on building habits that help you and your team grow, learn, and inspire each other to do better, more inclusive work. We’ll connect you with tangible strategies and discuss emerging practices that you can adapt to your own environment.

The session will focus on Liberatory Design Mindsets, a framework that helps practitioners in any discipline take steps to be more self-aware, equitable, collaborative, and creative. We’ll explore Liberatory Design values, ways of working, and participants’ own experiences to gain concrete insights applicable to our unique work contexts. We’ll also experiment with the session format itself, investigating how we might learn and collaborate better together in our post-Covid model(s) of work.

This is a two-part workshop: