It’s the personal touch that makes the difference. Waterloo’s hashtag campaign evolved from a print media tracking initiative to a confirmation campaign. But, the value lies in how print and digital come together to complete the circle.

Is engaging with prospective students via social media is an ongoing challenge for you? At Waterloo, we discovered a winning combination: using the #IdeasStartHere hashtag in handwritten notes to engage with prospective students. The campaign, although it evolved from its original intention, has led to:

  • Increased follower growth and awareness of UofWaterloo Instagram account
  • User generated content for web and social
  • Engagement with accepted students – conversion
  • Increased creativity in hand-written notes – sense of pride

In this session, I’ll use this case as springboard for discussing how to define a successful campaign, how to engage with prospective students, and the impact on confirmations.