Give a content author a tool made for developers, and you’ll confuse them for a lifetime. Give them a tool made for them, and you’ll never have to explain why their link has a WCAG false positive that does not need to be addressed using techniques H33 or ARIA7… What? Exactly.

We’ve seen your accessibility programs. Trainings, audits, browser plugins, crawlers, dashboards, spreadsheets…still getting complaints, re-trainings, re-audits…well here’s a little secret: a lot of our pain comes from handing our content creators old tools that directly encourage bad decisions. Let’s stop blaming the users and start fixing the tools.

We will present several ways to redesign editor-facing interfaces to create more accessible content by default, and provide some history and integration tips for Editoria11y and Sa11y: open-source “accessibility spellcheckers” built to help content creators write meaningful links, better text alternatives, logical heading structures and so much more.

The presentation will explore how Editoria11y and Sa11y:

  • Focus on content-related issues
  • Make web accessibility straightforward for non-technical website editors
  • Present customizable and scalable solutions that go beyond your expensive cloud-based service
  • Share the same vision, with slightly different emphases and features
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