Published on March 22, 2022

Joyce Peralta
Written by Joyce Peralta
Manager, Digital Communications
McGill University and #PSEWEB’s new Executive Director

Lots of things are changing these days. While the headlines are full of stories of the pandemic, protest and political upheaval, we’re heading back into the office with new skills and new ways of doing things learned from our remote work experiences over the past two years.

What does effective digital communication and marketing look like in our current and future environment? What kinds of nuanced skills do we as communicators and marketers need? What methodologies should we apply in the hybrid environments we work in?

I like to think we’re starting to get a better sense of the answers to these questions, but admittedly, we’ve still got a ways to go. I’m also fairly certain figuring all this out is going to be an occasionally overwhelming, sometimes frustrating, extraordinarily transformative, and potentially very rewarding journey.

As #PSEWEB’s new executive director, I’m excited to step into this great unknown with you all. Let’s investigate the answers to these questions together! For the five years that I’ve been involved in #PSEWEB, I’ve come to appreciate that this is a community of amazingly creative and talented people who always seem ready to tackle a challenge.

Speaking of being surrounded by talented people, I’m very pleased to welcome a number of new faces to the #PSEWEB planning team, Elizabeth DiEmanuele (Social Community Manager), Simon Labonne (Marketing Director, Francophone Audiences) and V. Weston (Blog Editor).

On a related note, I want to express great gratitude and respect to my predecessor, our outgoing Executive Director, Courtney Raybould, who cemented a strong and capable planning team. Without a stable foundation I know it wouldn’t be possible to charge ahead…perhaps with a measured dash of reckless abandon. Lol!

I can’t wait to trade stories and lessons learned with you all at this summer’s conference. And I’m so looking forward to discussing where we go from here. Let’s do this!!