Published on February 11, 2022

Joyce Peralta
Written by Joyce Peralta
Manager, Digital Communications
McGill University

Thinking of submitting a proposal for this year’s #PSEWEB conference? Got an idea you’re excited to share with peers? Read our tips for crafting a successful proposal.

Focus on your audience

Explain the benefits of attending your presentation in the opening sentence of your proposal. People may have come across similar sounding sessions – focus on the details that are unique to your presentation to make sure it stands out.

Tell a story

Highlight the key problem(s) your presentation will address for attendees. Summarize your approach and the outcome. What main takeaway did you come away with that might be helpful for others? You want your audience to find your experience relatable and interesting.

Grab their attention

Choose a title that will make them want to read more. Don’t worry about summing up your presentation in a single statement. Teasing the main point or the benefits of attending your presentation can be just as effective. And add a little dash of playfulness to make it fun.

Good luck to everyone submitting proposals! Hope to attend your presentation at #PSEWEB 2022 in Montreal!