Published on February 21, 2014

As we all know, the world of social media is constantly changing and ever-evolving. This week I noticed a few new features on some of our favourite social networks:

  • Facebook pages now show its page admins who posted which message (as of yesterday). This probably helps many pages out as it adds some accountability and allows for better tracking. I remember several speakers at #PSEWEB last year talking about managing a team who are all posting social content and so hopefully this new feature helps those kinds of team structures with their Facebook page management! Even when you are posting your content through a third party social media manager, Facebook will still show your page admins that YOU posted that specific message, which I think is a great addition.
  • Pinterest announced on Wednesday that it upgraded the Pin It button for Chrome. This button will now show up when you mouse over any image which makes it (even more) incredibly easy to pin, pin, pin! Several of our schools are on Pinterest and so this will make it more convenient for them to pin quickly. Personally, I have been loving the latest update on Android where you can press and hold any pin and a beautiful, simple, menu pops up which makes it possible to re-pin something to your own board in about 2 seconds flat.
  • LinkedIn Company Pages now allow you to choose your own image when you attach a link. This is a great feature because sometimes the links that are posted to Company Pages have no images that come up on the link preview, resulting in a bland sort of post. But uploading your own image is a snazzy way to dress it up.
  • And, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Facebook’s huge acquisition of WhatsApp! If you haven’t already, read up on this as it is a big deal (pun intended, haha). Personally, I had previously used this app, but when I got a new phone, I did not bother to reinstall it because I really had not been using it much. What I didn’t realize that 450 MILLION other people are using this app! I honestly did not know it was that huge. But it seems like a fantastic opportunity for Facebook and I am interested to see what they will do with it from here. Do any of you have experience using a messaging app like WhatsApp for work-related things? One application I saw for it this year was our delegation of about 40-50 students who went to JDC Central (a business competition) and used it to communicate with each other. Getting people’s phone numbers is becoming more and more like a thing of the past. And since we’re on the topic of phones and numbers, did you see this stand-up routine by Jerry Seinfeld on The Tonight Show? It’s so true – talking is becoming so antiquated!