Published on February 6, 2014

This blog post features a blog post from our friend, Melissa Cheater, who some of you know as our #PSEWEB Conference Coordinator. She has a great blog (check it out!) and often writes about #PSEWEB-related topics.

I can always learn a lot from these types of blogs, since I’m still pretty new to this and the ways of social media are constantly changing. In this blog post, she explores the topic of personal vs. official social media accounts, and notes that great content should be fed through official accounts first and personal accounts later (I’m paraphrasing here, go read her post; it’s more awesome). I very much agree with this point, and have tried to formalize this at work. But what intrigued me in this post is that the LinkedIn company page does not have a shareability feature for company page admins specifically! I did not know this – I saw no “share” link on our company page and I stopped there and thought sharing from company pages was just not a thing. A social network that won’t let you share something? Odd, but I evidently did not think about it very much. However, I learned from Melissa’s blog that I can share updates to my personal profile from other company pages of which I am not an admin. Although I was looking to share an update from my company page, this is still very useful to know.¬†Also, there is no sharing function at all with University pages – regardless of who you are.

I do hope in the future LinkedIn introduces a share feature for our own pages, because this would be most useful. However, in the meantime, we will keep producing great content for our schools, and share up a storm where we can!