Published on December 3, 2013

In this month’s installment of New Design, we take a look at Niagara College’s new and improved website. In the world of sleek yet simple design, Niagara College pushed out a brand new look and feel, ultimately giving the college a new way to connect with their students. The front page is based on a design that simplifies content, giving current and prospective students a much easier way to navigate the College’s many pages. It’s also important to note that crucial announcements will be pinned to the top of the news box with a blue push pin.

There is also a push to make niagaracollege.ca more interactive, with drop down boxes and virtual tours. Looking at the site, it’s clear that the focus of this redesign is to attract prospective students by highlighting the most relevant program information needed on the main page, while adding a few interesting links to show what’s available on campus.

Overall the site looks great, the colours and font choices match the simple yet effective design scheme. It’s a re-design winner, and it’s this month’s pick for New Design.

To check out the page go to: www.niagaracollege.ca.