Published on March 27, 2011

Why you should get Twitter.

Let your news come to you: Twitter brings the information you want directly to you. No waiting until 6pm for the daily news, or waiting for the journalist to have the IT guys update the website. Twitter’s trending topics can quickly show you what everyone around the virtual water cooler is talking about, right now. Never before has communication on world shaping events (think Japan, Haiti etc.) happend so instantaneously. The stories are happening right now, go to one application and hear from all the sources. You can create topical lists in order to keep track of certain contacts or follow a search term (similar to Google Alerts, but on demand).

Connect with industry leaders: whether work, play, interest or hobby; odds are Twitter has your industry leader. Whether that is Justin Bieber ( ~8M followers), Biz Stone (~1.5M followers), or Martha Stewart ( ~2M followers) they all hold something of value to specific audiences. You get direct access to their sought after ideas and have the ability to add to their conversation. Most of all, you create friendships, well, at the very least, acquaintances. To some luddites this can be scary, but don’t worry; unless you have a “please rob me sign” you’re safe. Just check out UnMarketing`s Scott Stratten and you’ll understand.

Be up to the second: Twitter can send notifications to your mobile device the second your most sacred source updates (for me, TSN’s Bob McKenzie). This doesn’t have to be activated, but it sure helps you when you’re waiting to hear something (hockey’s trade deadline). This is a wonderful tool if you are at any major events or conferences. Using a search term or a Twittter #hashtag you can find other members of the conference and get their opinions on the subject quickly (great for speakers or event managers). After all, if Charlie Sheen can get one million followers in just over 24 hours, why can’t you #win as well and find some of your own followers.

Build your brand: one of the more selfish reasons, you can build yourself up and show off some of that hidden knowledge you have. If you love to talk about something, there are people on twitter who do too – and they’re easy to find with the search term feature. There is someone in the world that probably does the same things as you do, and earning the respect of your peers can be quite rewarding. Even if you have a question, your community can help you find the answer.

Chances are you know someone who doesn’t value Twitter yet (or that’s you?), send them this post and help out this lost soul 😉 If you convert anyone, tweet @jplaurentian and I’d love to follow them.