Associate Director – Digital Experience

University of Calgary

Ryan Felgate has been working in digital for over 13 years and is passionate about building products that put users first.

At the University of Calgary, Ryan leads the team responsible for improving web experiences and expanding how the university uses new technologies. Ryan is a product development generalist who enjoys digging into tough problems and finding the right solutions.

Outside of the University Ryan co-owns a small software product company focused on team communication with customers spanning both small/medium businesses and Fortune 500 companies. He also loves both pizza and dinosaurs so you can usually find him with a slice and a brightly coloured t-rex lapel pin.

Photo of Ryan Felgate


Creating a consistent web experience across all faculties

As the Digital Experience team for the University of Calgary tasked with creating a leading edge experience for our audiences on the web, we faced a tough challenge: offering a consistent user experience across all our faculty websites (in a decentralized environment)....

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