Bravery Media

Head of Client Strategy and Research

Kristin Van Dorn is a user experience strategist with a unique blend of academic research skills and practical design thinking expertise. At Bravery, Kristin applies her academic experience to design rigorous research studies and protocols, analyze and synthesize findings, and provide reliable, actionable results. She has a keen eye for nuance and a deep understanding of the applications of user feedback in creating effective and engaging digital experiences.

Before joining Bravery Media, Kristin worked at the University of Minnesota in multiple departments including the U of M’s world-class usability lab which facilitates over 80 evaluations annually. She is currently nearing the completion of her Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration and Leadership. In 2013, she finished an interdisciplinary master’s program focusing on branding and marketing challenges in institutions of higher education.

Kristin is passionate about making higher education’s most important research and knowledge accessible, understandable, and actionable while building institutional models that can thrive far into the future with operational integrity and collective impact.

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