Professor of Marketing

Anderson University

Dr. Anna Stumpf is a Professor of Sport, Social Media and Brand Marketing at Anderson University.

Anna left a diverse decade long career in management, training and development, and special projects with Wal-Mart to teach. After eight years in the high school classroom, she transitioned to collegiate teaching.

Anna completed her dissertation, Strategies Used by Social Media Managers in Higher Education to Engage Stakeholders; A Qualitative Inquiry” in 2018 and has a passion for helping empower those attempting to manage online brand communities.

Photo of Anna Stumpf


Discover if your campus culture evolved enough to create social media engagement and brand communities

This presentation is based off of my doctoral dissertation, a qualitative exploratory multi-case study around strategies used by social media managers in higher ed institutions to create engagement with stakeholders. The literature and data resoundingly proved that the culture an...

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