In early 2014, Fanshawe College realized that they needed to improve how they engaged with prospective students online. By completing extensive user experience (UX) research, including stakeholder interviews, surveys and focus groups, the Fanshawe team launched the second iteration of their current CMS driven website.

With a new iteration launching this year, we look back at how our online properties and our audience needs have evolved over the last six years. As marketers, we feel that we have a strong understanding of our audiences, however, nothing is more valuable than speaking to them directly and incorporating their feedback. The marriage between user feedback and user data helps us stay ahead of the changing technology landscape. Our team has built-in processes to accommodate shifts in online trends, platforms, and audience expectations.

In this session, you’ll hear about the surprising things that we learned along the way and how we are continuously improving our online interactions through the use of data.

Key Takeaways

  • UX tactics you should use to gain a true understanding of your various audiences
  • Using data (Google Tag Manager and Analytics) to continuously iterate and make improvements to your online properties
  • Practical tools and processes that your team can use to make better data-driven decisions.