The viewbook is a stalwart part of student recruitment cycles, printing them since the beginning of time*. However, as the needs and expectations of students have changed, so too have these documents. In this talk, we will explore the history, showcase emerging trends, and explore future possibilities for university viewbooks. Whilst the world has shifted to digital-first everything, prospectuses have stubbornly stayed the same. Is the viewbook still relevant, or is it time for change?


  1. Understanding the evolution of university viewbooks: Taking a quick trip across the pond for an exploration of the history of UK university prospectuses, attendees will gain an understanding of how these documents have evolved over time. This will include an examination of the changing styles, formats, and content of prospectuses, as well as the factors that have influenced these changes. This knowledge will provide attendees with a solid foundation for considering the future possibilities of university viewbooks.
  2. Knowledge of emerging trends and examples: Attendees will learn about emerging trends in university viewbook development and see examples of how universities are reimagining these documents. This will include a look at innovative approaches to viewbook design and the incorporation of new technologies, as well as changes in the types of information that are included in viewbooks. This will inspire attendees to consider new and creative ways to communicate information to prospective students.
  3. Insights into future possibilities: The talk will provide insights into the future possibilities of university viewbooks, exploring emerging technologies, changing student expectations, and new ways of delivering information. Attendees will leave with a clearer understanding of how university viewbooks could continue to evolve in the future, as well as the potential impact this could have on the higher education industry.

*This may be a slight exaggeration 😉