Email has a bad reputation — it’s outdated, clunky, spam-filled, and, in many ways, can’t take advantage of the modern Internet. But is the oldest and most widely used digital channel for peer-to-peer communications really all that bad? Email is free, decentralized, simple, and platform-agnostic.

Email is a legacy of an Internet that promised the democratization of information and ability to connect communities. But times (and users) have changed. The way email is used today is different than how it was used 20+ years ago, so you need to change how you send emails.

For many colleges & universities, including U of T, email is an important tool to reach out to applicants and stakeholders. In 2018-19, we sent 2M+ emails to prospective students, applicants, guidance counsellors and other stakeholders. Let’s take a look at what we learned and help you to send better emails.