A small team and budget can have a big impact. Through showcasing two main examples, this workshop will explain how a team of two at the Ontario Agricultural College of the University of Guelph profiled people in bulk to save time (and mostly money). You’ll walk away with ideas and strategies on how to do the same for your people and institution.

Exhibit A: 2014 marked the 140th anniversary of the College. To celebrate we compiled a listing of 140 people from the past and present to showcase their stories online. The project was done in 4 months with less than $5k. This presentation will review how we selected the people, the process of writing 140 profiles, resources required and campaign promotion. We’ll also chat about the issues encountered and post-campaign successes.

Exhibit B: The College needed video content and to bolster its graduate student recruitment. To answers both, we produced 80 one-minute profile videos for about $8k. Still in the throes of this project, we’ll share how we scheduled and shot the videos, resources required and our learning along the way.