In a world of endless digital content and platforms, how do we, as post secondary institutions, break through the noise, engage our audiences, and ultimately drive conversions?

In this presentation, we will show you how you can identify your audiences most in need of digital engagement, present ways to develop content that best speaks to them, and discuss digital dissemination tactics so you can meet them where they are.

We will walk you through the case study of McGill24, McGill’s annual day of giving. This year, after surveying past donors and reviewing four years of data and trends, we set out to build targeted campaigns for four key audiences under the umbrella of the global McGill24 campaign. We used video, email and social to speak to our four key audiences authentically and developed segmented promotional strategies to meet them where they were. 12 videos, several emails and one integrated digital advertising campaign later, the strategy paid off with our best day of giving results to date.

You will leave this session with new strategies to break through the myriad of digital noise, equipped with tactics to identify, reach and authentically speak to your people.