There are so many things that go into an effective recruitment strategy. From a strong brand presence to social media and lead generation techniques. But one element that’s clearly a pillar of any successful recruitment campaign are program pages. Program pages are likely the place where many potential applicants make their decision of whether or not to apply.

While some potential students select an institution to apply to, and then research the available programs, many do the reverse. A high school student might have decided to study pre-med when they’re in grade 10, and then start the search for institutions offering that program in grade 11.

In this session, we’ll look at what makes an effective program page and cover the following topics:

  • Highlighting a program’s key selling points
  • Showcasing the student experience and school differentiators
  • Balancing visuals and text
  • Presenting program requirements
  • Building SEO value into program pages
  • Program pages as part of the user journey
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