You’ve got a problem. No, really, you do.

Sure, it’s an innocent, easy-to-overlook one, but it’s costing your institution tens, hundreds – possibly even thousands of your best-fit students each and every year.

That problem is the Insight Gap – the chasm between what it’s really like to be part of your institution and what a prospective student perceives it to be like from your current website and communications channels.

Regardless of how good your versions of these channels are, none of them truly capture the magic moments that happen on campus. None of them can authentically replicate the feeling, sense of identity, or inclusiveness that makes your institution unique.

See? Told you it was a problem.

In this session, you’ll appreciate why the experience of being part of your institution is what makes you stand-out, you’ll understand why the Insight Gap is potentially a huge problem for you (even if you’ve only just heard of it), and you’ll discover a brand new strategy to enable your community of students, staff, and alumni to safely and efficiently share their experiences and close that gap; Experience Communications Management (XCM).

If you want to help your prospects make more informed, confident, and smarter decisions about their education, this is the session for you!