Imagine someone gifts you a generous budget for digital and social media ads to support three new priorities.

Sounds awesome, right?

But what if:

  • You’re already halfway through the recruitment cycle?
  • Your clients don’t understand the basics of Search Engine Optimization (hello mobile responsive websites!)?
  • Their tolerance for risk taking was low?
  • The product you’re promoting is totally untested (or incomplete!)?
  • Your web environment isn’t set up for successful analytics?

It happened to us! But, we took away three important lessons about digital and social media marketing in our small corner of the university that we’re using to make continued improvements.

  1. Data is your friend (especially if you’re working with mathematicians!)
  2. Incremental change can better than none at all – even if it’s relationship building, not results.
  3. Find your champions!

The wins were small, but important for us as a new and growing team. I’m excited to share, and to hear about the lessons others have learned from their failed experiments!