Audience journey maps help us identify key opportunities to improve our websites and services. Highlighting important touch points, these maps illustrate the thoughts, feelings and actions, experienced as people strive to achieve a goal – such as choosing a program or tracking progress toward graduation. In doing so, they reveal concrete insights into ways we can better support and guide our audiences.

Many of us use these maps to inform our projects, often aimed at improving central sites and services. At McGill, we followed this approach when we began journey mapping in 2018. The many benefits were clear but eventually, we began to consider we might be underutilizing their potential power to transform the ways we work.

In this session, we will explore the missing opportunities journey maps present. We’ll consider not just how to use them to inform and transform your content strategy, but also how to use them as a tool for change management and shifting organizational culture. A resource that can foster empathy, encourage collaboration and maybe even break down those silos!

Attend this session to gain ideas, tools and techniques to supercharge how you use your audience journey maps.