We get it: Creating vertical videos is time-consuming and social video production isn’t everyone’s strong suit. Let us let you in on a secret solution: collaborations! Share the workload with other teams, and you can all benefit from the shared labours of video development.

Work smarter not harder with the aid of your academic community through vertical video collaborations. Help increase visibility from all corners of your institution without overstretching your team’s capabilities. Work together with other departments to create informative videos that showcase the diverse community (from academic departments to educational units to campus services). Hear the stories of the community — created and shared by the community.

At the University of Toronto Mississauga, our two-person video team has found this to be a win-win-win-win!

WIN: Give smaller, less-resourced departments fresh content for their social channels.

WIN: Amplify their message on larger channels.

WIN: Keep our own channels freshly updated so we can work on other tasks.

WIN: Fulfill our campus mandate of highlighting all that our diverse campus has to offer.

We’ve successfully worked with 24+ campus teams to create videos through three types of collaborations. We’re here to show how you, too can build bridges and cultivate a collaborative community.