Our monthly newsletter was a pain in the butt. Its purpose of letting people know about the stories we’d written and the events we were planning was noble. But the process of sending it was tedious.

Our content expert would pick articles and events to include from our website. That makes sense. But then someone had to cobble together the summaries, images, and links into an HTML template that would (hopefully) look professional and (hopefully) not break the internet.

Technical and administrative issues like this get in the way of the core, strategic communication work our teams do. If we take the time to improve our processes and develop tools to take care of those tasks we can put our communications experts back in the driving seat where they belong.

In the case of our newsletter, those bad times are behind us. We taught our CMS (WordPress) how to generate the code for the newsletter on its own. Now our content expert can quickly pick the articles and events they want to include, click a button or two, and then copy the finished message’s code into our email campaign manager. It’s a small tweak that makes a big difference.

We’ll show you how we did it, and how it helps us focus on what’s important. Come for the specific example, stay for the bigger picture of working together to find ways to break down roadblocks and supercharge the important communications work we do.