The Office of the Registrar (RO) is a central hub for student-administration interactions at McMaster University. It plays a pivotal role in shaping processes that impact thousands of students and campus partners each year. In an era where the demand for instant, on-demand services is ever-growing, our ability to thrive depends on our capacity to adapt, communicate with precision and collaborate seamlessly. This session will explore how a survey turned into an internal communications strategy that enhanced relationships and improved performance. We will show you how we moved from receiving feedback like, “We need a much more nimble system and people within who are willing to advocate for change rather than state the constraints” to “Please continue to offer this extremely important event at least yearly. I got so much out of it and took back great information that I immediately put towards my job” in under one year. Our vision transcends mere strategy; it embodies a cultural shift that champions active listening, dismantles silos and nurtures collaboration.

Key takeaways:

  • Gain actionable insights into transforming survey data into an effective communication strategy
  • Learn strategies to enhance resilience and adaptability in your department
  • Recognize the importance of active listening and feedback to craft stakeholder-focused solutions
  • Walk away with practical tips and tactics to apply to your department’s internal communications strategy