Afraid to use the word ‘brand’ in meetings with deans or faculty? Used to seeing eyes glaze over when you speak about ‘positioning’ and ‘promise’?

As many in the #HigherEd sector know, it is even more important for a university or college to clearly define and consistently promote their brand. With channels like twitter, SnapChat, tumblr, Yik Yak, ratemyprofessor.com, and content being created by many within the institution (i.e. students, professors, recruitment officers, etc.), brand ownership and engagement is even more uncontrolled or mismanaged than ever before. The delusion and confusion is rampant… be it through the diverse mix of digital channels, or within the institutions themselves. In this session we’ll discuss what’s happening – good and bad – in today’s institutions, and how to bring brand alignment and flexibility. We’ll discuss why an institution needs to focus on that evil four letter word, and how to support ‘brand’ through all digital channels. We’ll also talk about how to give the ‘power to the people’ without affecting the integrity of the brand. Coming out of this session, you’ll be able to comfortably say the word ‘brand’ in the halls of your institution and give people a strong reason why it’s so important.