In a future-student landscape flooded with important information and inspirational content, capturing (and – more importantly – retaining) the attention of prospective students is harder now than ever before.

Join me in this session to discover how Wilfrid Laurier University’s Marketing and Communications team has used authenticity, accessibility, and reassurance to position itself as a trusted advisor and guide along the journey of university bound students.

In this session, we’ll talk about:

  • Laurier’s solution to addressing the immediate informational needs of prospective students through our Admissions Top Questions Series.
  • Using the Undergraduate Future Student Journey Map to guide communications decision making.
  • The best approach to working collaboratively with the admissions and recruitment teams to identify the questions that matter most at each stage of the student journey.
  • How we seamlessly integrated this strategy into a successful multimedia email campaign reaching over 5,000 clicks through email and over 10,000 total views on YouTube (and counting).

Don’t miss this chance to explore the power of authentic engagement in shaping the future of student recruitment and gain practical strategies for redefining your approach to organic student outreach.