Since its launch in 2014, the #RoadToRyerson campaign has been redefining digital new student engagement by making the incoming students themselves the storytellers.

For 5 years, #RoadToRyerson chose 5 incoming students to document their transition to university during the summer leading up to their first year at Ryerson. The campaign has always been a big hit, but Ryerson’s Storytelling team knew that in digital media, stagnant = death.

So in 2019, we asked ourselves a very important question…

What if… it was time for a change? What if we took a risk this year? We wanted to hear from more than just 5 incoming students. We wanted more stories and we wanted more ways to tell those stories.

This past summer, for the first time in history, Ryerson’s @RUStudentLife Storytelling team collaborated with its entire incoming class to generate digital content to create a successful campaign to build up to new student orientation!

In this session, we will cover what inspired this change, how we made it work, and show plenty of examples of the unbelievable student-generated content.