Every year, Brainstorm Strategy Group conducts intensive research with 20,000+ university and college students. The goal is to produce insights that will help marketers, recruiters, and enrolment leaders reach prospective and current students with meaningful and impactful messages that will drive desired actions. This includes a better understanding of what drives students’ actions, who influences their decisions, what priorities need to be met, and how they make their choices.

The insights in this presentation will include how they choose their school, why they chose their major, what influences their decisions to stay and graduate, which experiences are most impactful, and how schools can create stronger connections that will lead to strong alumni relationships after they graduate.

Ultimately, we want to students to be successful – to find the right program at the right school and achieve fantastic outcomes. By empowering marketers with the right up-to-date insights, we know they’ll improve the ways they communicate with students and support better decision-making for students and their school.